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(applicable for GSM only)

How we fit the World Wide Web into your phone.

What would you do if you needed some real important information for your big project and your computer and laptop were nowhere to be found? That's where GPRS comes into the picture. With GPRS, you can get instant access to your favourite websites on the move.

How to use it?

If you have a GPRS compatible handset then by default you are provisioned for Virgin Mobile's vBytes and GSM Internet settings at the time of purchase. You will receive the settings automatically and in case you don't get the settings then buzz us on '121' and save the settings to your phone as default settings.

Once you have done that, go to the internet browser and select the Virgin Mobile vBytes APN or Virgin Mobile Internet APN (Access Point Name) on your mobile and start browsing.


Here are the GPRS settings for your phone:

GPRS settings
Virgin Mobile GSM WAP Portal Settings Service description: vBytes
Home Page:
Proxy Server:
Virgin Mobile GSM internet Settings Service description: vInternet
vMMS apn <>
home page <http://mmsc/>
proxy server <>
 port <8799 (TCP-WAP2), 9201 (UDP-WAP1)>


Still confused? Here is three ways to get GPRS alive and kicking on your phone:

1. For request via SMS :

APN SMS Keyword Shortcode
vMMS VMMS 58476
vBytes VBYTES 58476
vInternet VINTERNET 58476


2. For request via STK :

  • Go to the SIM STK application (called vBytes) main menu on your device
  • From STK main menu go to Virgin care. There you will find the option of 'Get Settings'. Click on it and  you will get sub-menus of MMS,WAP, or Handset as Modem
  • Click on your desired sub-menu for the settings required. As soon as you do that a request will go to the respective SMS short code
  • You will instantly get a text saying, “We have got your request"
  • The settings will be sent to your device depending upon your phone MSISDN, Handset IMEI, Make & Model of device updated in the Device Manager etc
  • The MO request is free of cost for settings delivery

3. For request via vCare

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 For APN
Handset as modem VINTERNET


How much will it cost?

There are two ways you can choose to pay for GPRS! You either pick a GPRS plan that offers a fixed usage volume with daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly validity or choose to use & pay as you go along @ a pre-picked plan rate of your choice!

Well, if you take our word for it, we'll say go the GPRS packs way, basis of your net-appetite. Take your pick and activate via SMS, direct USSD activation code or walk into your nearest retail outlet.


GPRS packs - pricing & access modes

Pay a fixed amount and go crazy surfing the internet on your phone. See the table to choose the one that suits you best.


Volume based charging

We have also got some volume based charging. Pick a plan from the lot and surf all day long.

GPRS volume based charging
Type Tarrif
Home On-Net 30p/ 50Kb
Home Off-Net 30p/ 50Kb
Roam On-Net 50p/ 50Kb
Roam Off-Net 50p/ 50Kb
International Roaming ` 5.5/ 10kb


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